Jonathan Scott and brother Drew Scott made a recent appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show”, where the “Property Brothers” stars revealed a clever prank that one brother pulled on the other when whey were in high school.

“When we were teenagers, if there was a girl that Drew had a crush on, I would put his clothes on and make an absolute fool out of myself,” Jonathan told host Jennifer Hudson. “Then she would never ever call him, talk to him — anything.”

That got Hudson laughing, and she asked if his goal was to embarrass his brother. “Oh yeah,” he replied, “that’s what brothers do!”

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In another portion of the interview, the Scott brothers get candid about their “obsession” with dressing up for Halloween, admitting they’ll sometimes don costumes just because.

They pointed to an example in which the two were dressed in Wonder Woman costumes for no reason, other than Jonathan’s explanation that it was a “random Tuesday.”

Drew Scott/Instagram
Drew Scott/Instagram

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“We were doing press in New York and it was themed Wonder Woman,” Jonathan explained, “we had to immediately fly from New York to Toronto. It was a month before Halloween and we went to the airport dressed like that.”

Going through security was a breeze in the Wonder Woman outfits, he quipped, because they had “nowhere to hide anything.”