Noah Schnapp once “guilt tripped” Shawn Mendes into following him back on Instagram.

The “Stranger Things” actor recently appeared in a “Tonight Show” “True Confessions” segment alongside his co-star Millie Bobby Brown, when he spoke about Mendes.

Schnapp noticed the Canadian hitmaker was following the rest of the “Stranger Things” cast a year or two ago, but not him. So, he brought it up with Mendes.

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Revealing how he slid into Mendes’ DMs to say how he was “low-key offended,” Schnapp recalled, “I was like, ‘What the hell? Why does he follow everyone else but me?'”

As Fallon joked about what Mendes’ problem was, the 18-year-old quipped, “He has a beef with me,” adding that he ended up messaging Mendes to ask for an explanation.

Mendes was said to have replied, “Oh, what’s up man? I love you so much.”

Schnapp revealed that as well as gaining an extra follower — not that he really needs one as he currently has 27.4 million — he also talks to Mendes on the phone sometimes.

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As Fallon questioned when the last time he spoke to Mendes was, Schapp said, “I called him the other day.”

Bobby Brown and Fallon weren’t convinced Schnapp was telling the truth, but he actually was.

See more in the clip above.