Kendall Jenner is poking some fun at herself.

On Sunday, the reality star shared video and photos on social media of her Halloween costume, a giant slice of cucumber, in reference to one of her viral moments on “The Kardashians”.

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In the episode, which aired in May, Kendall paid a visit to her mom, Kris Jenner, and started making herself a snack by chopping up a cucumber. But it quickly became clear her chopping skills were not up to snuff, as at one point she awkwardly crossed one hand over the other.

“I’m definitely not a good cutter, so don’t zoom in on me. I’m not professional whatsoever,” she said.

In a video shared to TikTok, Kendall poses in the cucumber costume, complete with a fake knife to really make the joke land.



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She also shared pics of the costume on Instagram, joking, “I’m giving out fruits and veggies tonight.”

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The costume was actually Kendall’s second of Halloween weekend, after her slightly raunchy take on the character Jessie from “Toy Story”.