Sarah Hamrick is speaking out. On Monday night’s episode of “Bachelor in Paradise”, host Jesse Palmer revealed that Hamrick had left the beach due to a family emergency, something she addressed on social media after the show aired.

The reality star revealed that her grandmother passed away. “Opening myself up to another chance at love here was a challenge in itself, but when my grandma passed, having one of the most vulnerable and heartbreaking moments of my life captured while being there was something I never expected,” Hamrick explained.

“While I wish things had gone differently for myself and my family back home, I hope this can be a reminder that all of us on the show are real people, with real lives and families beyond what you may see on tv. when those worlds intersect like it did for me, it reminds me of what’s really important, and to just be kind. I hope this can remind you of the same as you continue to enjoy watching paradise unfold. all love, thank you so much for all your support,” she concluded.