Sharon Stone is sharing her health issues.

In a post Tuesday on her Instagram Story, the 64-year-old “Casino” star revealed that doctors had discovered a large fibroid tumour in her body, after first being misdiagnosed.

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“Just had another misdiagnosis and incorrect procedure,” Stone wrote. “This time double epidural.”

Sharon Stone/Instagram
Sharon Stone/Instagram

She continued, “W worsening pain went for a SECOND OPINION: I have a large fibroid tumor that must come out.”

Stone also added the message, “Ladies in particular: Don’t get blown off ❣️ GET A SECOND OPINION ❣️ It can save your life.”

The actress also said that her recovery will take between four and six weeks, but that she’s “all good.”

In a second post, she shared a headline reading, “Women More Likely Than Men to Suffer Misdiagnosis, According to Studies,” along with a message for women to “vote blue” in the upcoming U.S. elections.

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Stone has been open in the past about her health issues, including having surgery in 2001 to remove very large benign tumours, and the fact that afterward, a plastic surgeon gave her larger breast implants than she’d consented to for reconstructive surgery.

Also in 2001, Stone experienced a stroke and cerebral hemorrhage.

“The room was so silent,” she recalled in and interview with “Today” last year. “When the room is so silent and no one’s running around trying to fix you, that’s when you realize how near death is and how serious everything is.”