The White House is as good a place to crash as any.

In his new memoir, 40 Songs, One Story, U2’s Bono recalls the the time he woke up in the Lincoln Bedroom after an evening sharing drinks with Barack Obama.

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Bono put the blame for the incident on an allergy to salicylic acid, which is found in many medications and foods, as well as wine.

According to People, in the book, the singer says that he was at the White House with his wife, Ali Hewson, having drinks with Obama.

In his memory, Bono says he only had one drink, “Or was it two?” he writes.

Either way, the effects of the allergy hit fast, and he was soon dozing off

“As I started to fall asleep, I excused myself, and what happened next is a little blurry, but, according to Ali, it took about ten minutes before the leader of the free world asked her, ‘Bono’s been gone awhile. Is he okay?'” he says.

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Because Obama had remembered Bono asking him about Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, he decided the Lincoln Bedroom would be a good place for him to sleep.

“Good instinct. They walked into the Lincoln Bedroom, and there I was, out cold, head in the bosom of Abraham Lincoln, on his very bed,” Bono writes. “‘Falling asleep in the comfort of our freedoms,’ as I spun it afterward.”

He adds that Obama “doesn’t for a minute” believe he actually has the salicylic acid allergy.

“He thinks Ali made this up to cover for me,” the singer says. “He tells people he can drink me under the table. Rubbish. But he does make a strong martini.”