Matthew Perry is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to his private life.

In his new memoir Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, the actor shares how his alcohol use as a teenager led him to think there was something wrong with his sex drive.

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According to Page Six, in the book, Perry writes that he spent “years” thinking his “penis didn’t work”, and that any time he “tried to have sex,” he simply “couldn’t perform.”

But he also explains that this would often happen after having “six beers beforehand,” and yet he didn’t make “the correlation between the booze and [his] private parts,” thinking instead that he was “impotent.”

“I was walking around the planet thinking sex was something for other people. For a long time,” Perry writes. “Sex sounded awfully fun, but it was not in my arsenal.”

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It was only later, when he dated Carrie Fisher’s half-sister Tricia Fisher that he realized the root of the problem was the alcohol.

He writes that he told Tricia about his “shameful tale,” but she told him his performance issues were not “going to happen again” and “led [him] back to bed.”

Perry adds, “Sure enough… sheer glory for two whole minutes,” and jokes that he paid her kindness forward by “sleeping with almost every woman in Southern California.”