Charlie Hunnam has had enough biking anarchy for a lifetime.

Hunnam famously starred in “Sons of Anarchy” from 2008 to 2014. Life sometimes imitates art and Hunnam was once an avid rider. It turns out that is no longer the case. The “Shantaram” star reveals that he has reconsidered the risk-reward ratio of riding a motorcycle.

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“I did for about nine years solid while I was doing ‘Sons of Anarchy’. I rode like I was a Hells Angels,” Hunnam tells ET Canada. “I took a lot of risks and got away with a lot. As soon as we finished the show, it was like the spell was broken.

“All of a sudden, I started to worry about being on a bike. You need to ride with confidence, you know? You think about what could go wrong, there is likelihood that something might go wrong. I haven’t been on a bike in maybe three years.”

Hunnam’s name is among those thrown around as the one to potentially succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond. When asked if he would rather operate an Aston Martin or motorcycle as 007, Hunnam opted for a luxury sports car.

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“Aston Martin,” he says. “I actually don’t ride a bike that much in ‘Shantaram’. Obviously, I have a little bit of a following in television from riding a bike so I think Apple just thought maybe they would capitalized on it. I hope they didn’t create an expectation we’re not going to deliver because this is definitely not ‘Sons of Anarchy’ in India.

“Shantaram” premiered on Oct. 14 through AppleTV+.