Ronen Rubinstein is sharing his newfound marital bliss.

The “9-1-1: Lone Star” actor married his longtime girlfriend fellow TV star Jessica Parker Kennedy in an intimate farm wedding in August. The pair were married in a Jewish wedding on a family farm in Calgary.

“I definitely married my best friend and my favourite person in the whole wide world,” Rubinstein shared with Hello! Magazine.

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The actor, who was “inconsolable” during the ceremony, married his girlfriend only two months after he proposed in front of 30 guests.

We wanted to be married so badly and we didn’t really know when, how, where and why and in the end we planned it really quickly,” said Parker Kennedy, who revealed she tasked her cousins with helping her to prepare for the day. “My cousin has lots of acres of land just outside of Calgary with horses and cows and it’s a gorgeous property, and he was very kind and he said yes when I asked him if we could get married there.”

While the venue was secured, the biggest hurdle for Rubinstein may have been keeping it together long enough for the ceremony.

“I just started crying and lost control [when I saw her]. I was such a mess that day,” he recalled. “One of Jessica’s best friends played an Elvis song on the violin as Jess was walking down the aisle and all of our family were there, and it was just beautiful.”

Parker Kennedy said it was important for her that the ceremony have a connection to her Jewish heritage.

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“I was raised with religious beliefs and Ronen, who was born in Israel, wasn’t but his Jewish DNA is much higher than mine so culturally it was super important to us,” she explained. “Our rabbi was also my rabbi when I was a teenager. I always said: ‘One day when I get married, I hope Rabbi Howard will be my rabbi.’ He lives in America now so I called him and asked him.””

It was equally important for the new couple to keep the wedding a secret for a little while.

Parker Kennedy said, “Ronen is so much better than I am about being on social media. And he loves sharing. I’m very introverted and I did say, ‘Can we have this as ours for a little bit?'”

Rubinstein was happy to comply with his new wife and also felt he wanted to keep their ceremony intimate for a while.

“I’m very out there to the world and I really let the fans in and I’ve built a tremendous bond with them,” he shared. “But we wanted to hold on to a little bit of privacy, especially for something so intimate and so personal.”