Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki give fans a sneak peek of the much-talked about fifth season of “The Crown” in some new behind-the-scenes clips.

The pair take on the roles of then-Prince Charles and Princess Diana in the show, with West telling the camera how he approached the role and embodied the character, as well as giving fans a never-before-seen look at the new season.

The actor shares in a “Becoming Charles” clip, “This is such a big show, that has had so many great performances in it. You’ve got to be part of it if you can.”

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West adds of looking the part, “I was slightly in despair, how was I going to get the physicality of this guy?

“Because the only time I really looked like Charles was from behind… the hair is just perfect.”

Debicki then shares a look at the upcoming season, including Diana’s infamous Panorama interview and her and Charles’ marriage breakdown, in a “Becoming Diana” clip.

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Debicki says there was a lot of information and content out there with Diana “being the most photographed person in the world at that time.”

The actress explains, “I know Dom was similar to me in this that we were always looking for the footage we could find of them that was the most honest in a way.”

See more in the clip below.

“The Crown” season 5 launches on Netflix on November 9.