Meghan Trainor is feeling better than ever.

The singer, who has been busy promoting her new album Takin’ It Back, chats to ET Canada’s Keisha Chanté about losing 60 pounds after welcoming her son Riley in February of last year.

She explains, “I was my heaviest I’ve ever been, I was like over 200 pounds when I C-sectioned him out.

“I just wasn’t feeling great. I’ve never had stitches, so to have this C-section scar, I was in a really dark place and I wanted to be in a great place for my son.”

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Trainor, who married Daryl Sabara in 2018, insists that she then made it her mission to feel better.

She tells us, “So, I worked every day and challenged myself. I was like, ‘If I can survive a C-section, I can do anything!’

“I was very dedicated and I started seeing the pounds come off like one week at a time, one pound… I learned that I do like healthy food and I learned what portions mean. And I learned my brain is so happy when I exercise, so I’m just [feeling] better than ever.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Trainor reveals where her level of confidence lies now.

She shares, “Nowadays I’m a good eight/nine. We’re up there!”

See more from ET Canada’s interview with Trainor in the clip above.