After Daniel Radcliffe suggested Elijah Wood should play him in a biopic, the “Lord of the Rings” star is saying he’d be happy to.

TMZ caught up with Wood and asked him whether he would be interested in playing the “Harry Potter” actor, who is also nearly a decade younger than him.

“Amazing,” Wood responded. “The old switcheroo? Sure. Dan’s the best.”

Asked about the two actors getting confused for each other, he said, “We do get that a lot,” adding. “I have had that many, many times.”

That said, he has never pretended to actually be Radcliffe, saying, “No, I’ve never signed anything as him.”

As for whether a biopic would ever be in the cards, Wood said of Radcliffe, “I would just love to work with him.”

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Last week, Radcliffe admitted that he and Wood do “look alike.”

After numerous occasions where the “Harry Potter” alum, 33, was mistaken for the “Lord of the Rings” star, he shared that there’s been “a couple of times” where he hasn’t corrected fans because he didn’t want “to ruin someone’s day.”

He then recalled the first time he was confused for the 41-year-old actor and went along with it.

“The first time it happened I was on a red carpet in Japan and the guy who was offering me a photo of Elijah Wood was Japanese and did not speak English, and I don’t speak Japanese,” Radcliffe explained during his Friday appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show”.

Barrymore then asked the English actor: “What did you sign?”

“I think I signed Elijah Wood or I maybe wrote I’m not Elijah Wood, I’m Daniel Radcliffe,” he responded.

The daytime talk show host, who often gets mistaken for Demi Moore, shared that, ironically, when she was 7 years old, she went to Tokyo for her 1982 film “E.T.” and encountered a similar fan interaction.

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“I was in a bathroom stall and a piece of paper and a pen came under and they said, ‘Could you sign this?’ and I thought, ‘Life’s different,’” she said.

Radcliffe asked the actress if she signed it, to which she replied, “Of course, and I take photos in the bathroom all the time to this day.”

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