Lindsay Lohan is staging a comeback, and will next be seen starring in the Netflix holiday rom-com “Falling for Christmas”.

In an interview with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman, Lohan reflected on how much fun she had making the movie alongside co-star Chord Overstreet (“Glee”).

Asked about her favourite thing about being on the set, Lohan gushed, “Just the atmosphere. Just getting to know everyone in the crew and cast and and spending time with people and having fun doing it. I feel like that’s just always the best part is just you have this immediate family that you have and and you just have fun with and you make a movie and hope to make it great.”

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According to Lohan, recreating Christmas led the cast and crew to come together just like a family at the holidays.

“Oh, I feel like it was kind of like immediate family,” she explained. “I mean, for us not knowing each other, really going into it, it was just one of those things too, where we had a lot of fun and it was really comfortable and easy and everybody on set kind of set up such a warm holiday environment that it just felt like Christmas for two months.”

Meanwhile, given that “Mean Girls” featured the classic “Jingle Bell Rock” dance number, what holiday song would she like to tackle if there were ever a sequel?

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“Oh, that’s a really good question,” Lohan responded, deciding on “Santa Baby”.

“That would be a great one,” she said. “Very good idea. That’s hot.”

“Falling for Christmas” debuts Wednesday, Nov. 9.