Ryan Reynolds may have some competition trying to buy an NHL team.

This week, the Canadian actor sat down for an interview with ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey, alongside his “Spirited” co-stars Will Ferrell, Octavia Spencer and Sunita Mani.

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In the interview, Hickey brings up the news, which Reynold has since confirmed, that he’s interested in forming a consortium to buy the Ottawa Senators.

“I just want you to know that Blake called me right before this interview, and she told me what you wanted for Christmas, and she said she wanted you to buy her a hockey team called the Ottawa Senators,” Hickey said. “So my question is, will that happen?”

“I can’t imagine Blake could make that call. Yeah, I think she’d go directly to the mayor of Ottawa,” Reynolds responded, before adding, “At least with hockey, I know the rules. Whereas I’ve owned a Welsh soccer team — we call it football, but I’ll say soccer for this — for over two years now. And I would say that I’m a B-minus at best on the rules.”

Despite not answering the question directly, Ferrell chimed in to joke, “We already have a competing bid.”

“A consortium right here,” Reynolds said, pointing to his co-stars.

Ferrell added, “We’re looking to buy the Ottawa Senators for $1,000.”

Meanwhile, in “Spirited”, both Reynolds and Ferrell show off their dance skills for the film’s musical numbers, which had Hickey wondering, “What were rehearsals like for this movie? Tell us about them.”

“Rehearsals were… I don’t think I’ve ever done or know sessions that were this far in advance,” Reynolds responded. “So months, months and months in advance. And then together we had a couple of months as well in Boston, where we were sort of band camp, so to speak, and were singing and dancing every day. And it was incredible. I remember I was wearing like one of the smartwatches that tell you the steps. And most days it was like 26 or 27,000 steps. It’s completely crazy. I looked like a Slim Jim commercial by the end of the movie.”

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Ferrell, for his part, got a lot of joy from learning the choreography for the movie.

“You get this false sense of confidence because you work on the dance you know by itself,” he said. “Then you work on the song by itself and you never think, ‘Oh, wait, I got to combine them at one point and be on the right foot, on the right lyric.’ We’ve come out of this with so much respect for people who do musicals, you know, every night, eight shows a week, that sort of thing.”

Except Hugh Jackman,” Reynolds joked. “He’s not talking about Hugh Jackman.”

“I’m in with Ryan on the Hugh thing,” Ferrell agreed.

“Is Hugh threatened or how does he feel about all of this?” Hickey asked.

Ferrell laughed, “I think he’s threatened every day he wakes up.”

I sent him a clip of me singing and dancing, to see if he was threatened,” Reynolds revealed. “And he responded just, ‘No.'”

“Spirited” premieres in select theatres Nov. 11 and on Apple TV+ on Nov. 18.