Ms. Hayley Williams is laying down the law at Paramore High.

Williams put a halt to the band’s intimate Toronto show at History on Monday, Nov. 7. A fight appeared to break out in the crowd but Williams quickly took control of the situation.

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“Everybody OK?” Williams asked. “OK, we got a fight? Oh, man. What do you guys think this is, like a Terror show? We’re not a hardcore band, bro. Come on. We’re gonna dance tonight and have fun, or we’re not going to do it.

“Are you okay?” Williams asked one participant and then another. “Are you okay? Do you want to split up? You got me up here acting like a teacher. Detention for everyone! We’re good now?”

Williams teased the crowd, warning her pupils to stay on their best behaviour.

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“Alright, let me tell you something. I better not have to do that again,” she said. “First of all, we play to a click track so we’d be on time for you. Don’t make us stop that thing again, it hurts. Are you okay out there now? You’re good? Thank you for taking care of yourselves and each other. Jesus Christ. Thank you. Where were we?”

Paramore is currently on a North American tour ahead of their upcoming sixth studio album, This Is Why. The project’s titular single was released in September to a warm reception. The band is set to return to Toronto at Scotiabank Arena on June 8.