Ye really doesn’t like Drake.

This week, Rolling Stone published an article detailing what it was like working for Kanye West under his Yeezy brand, including some very unexpected firings.

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A number of staffers described signing up for what seemed like a dream job working with the legendary rapper, but the reality turned out to be very different.

“His anger at us in everyday interactions was just inappropriate, and honestly an HR nightmare,” one designer said.

Another added, “How he is on social media is exactly how he’s like with employees.”

Employees were expected to work long hours and navigate around West’s eccentricities, which would include suddenly packing up and moving entire offices at a moment’s notice.

“He thrives off of chaos,” one employee said. “He needs that around to keep him hungry and motivated and all this other stuff.”

In another case, an employee described being fired after suggested a change in the background music at the office, which had been comprised entirely of West’s own songs. After someone asked if he could play something else, West allegedly scanned the room before picking out one employee and asking what they wanted to hear.

“I thought, ‘Oh, he’s a rapper, I should probably mention some rap,’” said the staffer, recalling that they suggested playing Drake. “Big mistake — the next day I was fired.”

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Some did describe positive aspects of working with West, but usually tempered by the negative side.

”When you work for somebody with that much vision and that much money, you really can make incredible change,” one contractor explained, adding that it was “both the worst job I’ve ever had and the best job I’ve ever had, concurrently.”

They continued, “Everything he does is a giant mess of vacuuming up all of people’s time — just consuming their entire lives and then the output just gets left on the side of the road somewhere.”

In recent weeks, Adidas dropped its partnership with West and the Yeezy brand following the rapper’s public antisemitic comments.