Aaron Carter may not have been able to reconcile with his family before his death.

TMZ reports Aaron didn’t speak with his brother Nick Carter one-on-one in the months prior, according to family sources. Despite the lack of contact, they believe Aaron was at least on good terms with Nick in his final days.

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His twin sister, Angel, was said to have contacted Aaron to relay the message that she and Nick loved him and wanted him to get healthy. It was believed Aaron thought they were supportive and on good terms with his siblings.

The rapper had struggled in the past with substance abuse and was frequently in and out of rehab.

Recent communications between Nick and Aaron had been less explosive than in the past, which further encouraged him.

The siblings had cut off contact with Aaron in 2019, both getting restraining orders against him independently. Nick cited threats from his brother of bringing harm to his pregnant wife at the time and Angel alleged her brother had threatened to send hit men to her door.

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It seemed the sentiment of good will was returned as Nick paid tribute to his late brother during a concert in London.

Aaron died at 34 last Saturday when his body was found in a bathtub in his Lancaster home.