Millie Bobby Brown spilled the beans on whether or not her “Stranger Things” co-star Finn Wolfhard is a good kisser.

After having previously revealed in 2016 that Wolfhard was her first ever kiss, the “Enola Homes” star, who seemingly likes to kiss and tell, recently shared her honest opinion on the actor’s smooching skills.

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Despite stating that her “job is to lie,” Brown didn’t hold back when it came to taking a lie detector test for the magazine.

“You exclaimed ‘kissing sucks’ after your first kiss with Finn Wolfhard,” the questioner stated in the video, seen below, before asking, “Is Finn just a lousy kisser?”

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“He is,” Brown replied truthfully, according to the technician working behind the lie-detector.

“So he hasn’t gotten better,” the interviewer added, to which Brown replied, “Not with me. No.”