The author of the late Aaron Carter’s forthcoming memoir has responded to the hate and backlash the book has been facing online.

The unfinished memoir is getting slammed mainly for being published so soon, and “without approval” as Carter’s management team previously stated, after the rapper passed away just last week.

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“Aaron Carter hired me to help him tell the world his story,” the memoir’s author, Andy Symonds, told ET in a statement via the book’s publisher, Ballast Books. “That story, while tragically cut short, was filled with good and bad.

“His life was far from pretty, and understandably certain people in the public eye don’t want some of the stories Aaron tells in his book to come to light,” the rep continued, seemingly referring to Hilary Duff, who denounced the new book for its claim that she and Carter both lost their virginities to each other at age 13. “That doesn’t make them any less true or newsworthy.

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“Aaron had a right — as we all do — to tell his story. As a journalist, I am honoured that he chose me to help him do that. In addition to being cathartic for him, Aaron hoped this book would help others struggling with addiction and mental illness. I hope and believe it will do that,” the statement ended.

Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story of an Incomplete Life is currently set to release on Nov. 15.