Britney Spears and Ariana Grande have nothing but love for one another.

Spears took to Instagram Thursday to post about breathing better and being into meditation.

She then praised Grande’s perfume, writing: “I know I shouldn’t say this because I have my own line of perfume…

“But I’m obsessed with @ArianaGrande’s fragrance line. I have the spray and two bottles from it !!! I guess I’m sharing this now that I can breathe better and it smells so good!”

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Grande then responded, “I love yours as well! Always have and will.”

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“Sending you so much love, queen,” the musician added.

Grande has released multiple fragrances over the years, including “Ari by Ariana Grande” and her “God is a Woman” range.

Spears has also released an array of perfumes, including “Curious” and this year’s “Blissful Fantasy” and “Naked Fantasy”.