It’s no secret that Harry Styles has outpaced the other members of One Direction when it comes to the success of their various solo efforts.

Speaking candidly with The Telegraph, Louis Tomlinson admitted that the extent of Styles’ success in relation to his own did not go down easily.

“I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me at first,” Tomlinson told the newspaper while promoting the release of his new album, Faith in the Future.

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As he explained, he was initially irked by Styles’ achievements “only ’cause I didn’t know where to place myself, and really my only point of reference was other members of the band.”

However, he’s also come to recognize why Styles’ career has cut a larger swath than the other 1D members.

“But it’s not surprising to me that Harry’s the most commercially successful because he really fits the mold of a modern star,” Tomlinson explained. “He’s not just doing music, he’s got film as well, and the tour he’s done is unbelievable.”

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He added: “It took me a while to work out where I stand.”

However, Tomlinson insisted there was no bad blood between him and Styles.

“I look on Harry like a brother, man,” he said. “I have a lot of pride for what he’s doing.”