Britney Spears’ father, Jaime Spears, and his legal team recently tried to publicly release his daughter’s private medical records.

The singer’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, argues that the move came as an effort to try to humiliate his client and asked for a motion for sanctions and contempt against Jamie and his lawyers, according to court documents from an Oct. 26 hearing obtained and reviewed by Radar.

Rosengart alleged that Jamie and his team violated court orders with “bad faith litigation tactics” and mishandling of the discovery process in a failed attempt to have Britney testify.

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Judge Brenda Penny criticized Jamie and his lawyers for including Britney’s medical records in the hearing last month given that the documents had “already been sealed by previous court orders.” Penny called their move “highly inappropriate and contrary to the court orders” in the long-running case involving the “Toxic” singer.

“Mr. Spears and his counsel fail to provide any explanation as to their decision to file previous sealed documents or to oppose the present motion in light of the parties stipulated protective order,” Penny said during the time of the hearing.

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Elsewhere, Rosengart had told the court that Jamie’s move would have legally breached his daughter’s constitutional and common law privacy rights amid, what he described as, a “scorched earth litigation campaign against Britney Spears” that the former conservator has executed ever since he was suspended from running Britney’s conservatorship in September 2021. He claimed that Jamie has continuously tried to humiliate the Grammy-winning singer and has amassed large legal bills to charge her estate, adding that he was “improperly trying to use this proceeding to ‘vindicate’ himself.”

Britney and Rosengart fought Jamie’s effort successfully as her medical records, containing “sensitive, confidential information,” remained sealed.

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However, Rosengart asked the court to consider contempt charges and sanction Jamie and his lawyers with a $20,000 fine. In recently-released court docs, the attorney said that Jamie failed to answer basic questions to a deposition he sat for on Aug. 11 upon his legal team’s improper instruction. He added that Mr. Spears did not comply properly with court orders, failing to submit requested documents and text and email communications.

“Only a small fraction of his actual communications, text messages were produced in such a disjointed manner that it made it impossible to discern the context of any given text or even what was being discussed, as the messages were not grouped together by conversation or even produced chronologically as required,” Rosengart said of Britney’s father, while requesting he be deposed again properly.