Stanley Tucci has long been a fan-favourite actor thanks to unforgettable performances in films ranging from “Big Night” to “The Devil Wears Prada” to “The Hunger Games” trilogy, and is currently earning accolades just for being himself in the CNN travel-and-food series “Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy”.

However, after videos of Tucci demonstrating cooking techniques and mixing up cocktails went viral on social, he unexpectedly found himself catapulted to sex-symbol status.

Emily Blunt — whose sister, Felicity Blunt, is married to Tucci — was asked about her brother-in-law during a recent appearance on  “The Late Show”.

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“Can you believe that? He’s a sex symbol now,” Blunt declared.

“I think he’s shocked,” she added, although host Stephen Colbert offered a different take.

“Really? He doesn’t act like he is. He acts like, ‘Finally they’ve noticed!'” Colbert scoffed.

“It’s amazing that it took a sort of irreverent video on Instagram that my sister told him to post and then he became a sex symbol,” Blunt acknowledged.

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“But I asked him, ‘Do you like it deep down? Do you like being a sex symbol?’ And he goes, ‘I mean, yeah.'” she added.

Tucci addressed becoming a sex symbol in his 60s during an interview with People earlier this year.

“I don’t get it,” he said, but admitted it was a role he wasn’t unhappy to embrace.

“Who goes, ‘I feel terrible about that? People think I’m sexy? How awful,'” he joked. “It’s wonderful. I don’t get it, but I’m very glad.”

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