Prince Philip was allegedly looking into suing Netflix over a scene in “The Crown” season 2.

Royal historian Hugo Vickers told The Sunday Times that Philip wasn’t happy with a false storyline surrounding the death of his sister Princess Cecilie.

She passed away in a plane crash in 1937 at age just 26 alongside her newborn baby, husband and two young sons.

In the second season of the show, that aired in 2017, Cecilie had been flying from Germany to London to help her then-16-year-old brother Philip, who was in trouble at school.

According to the New York Post, Philip’s father, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, blamed Philip for the deaths at her funeral on the show.

Prince Andrew said as they laid Cecilie to rest in season 2, “I’m surprised he dare show himself here. Had it not been for Philip and his indiscipline she would never have taken that flight. It’s true, isn’t it boy? You’re the reason we’re all here burying my favourite child. Get him out of here.”

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“I know Prince Philip consulted his lawyer about it, to ask ‘What can I do about it?’” Vickers told The Sunday Times.

“He was very upset about the way that was portrayed. He was human. He could be hurt like anybody else.”

The late royal died on April 9, 2021 at age 99.

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“The Crown” season 5 recently premiered on Netflix after sparking backlash from multiple people, including Judi Dench and former British PM John Major.

Last month, Netflix added a “fictional dramatization” disclaimer to the trailer after weeks of criticism.

The caption read, “Inspired by real events, this fictional dramatization tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II and the political and personal events that shaped her reign.”