Frankie Grande is thankful for the support of fans following a scary incident.

According to TMZ, NYPD sources said that Ariana Grande’s brother was walking in New York last week when a pair of teens mugged him.

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Frankie seems to be fine following the incident and took to Instagram to reassure the public he was safe.

He shared his status in an Instagram Story where he wrote he was “healing”.

“Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers,” wrote the 39-year-old. “I am so thankful to be safe and healing. Keeping shining bright and stay safe out there. 🙏”

Frankie J Grande – Photo: Instagram/@frankiejgrande
Frankie J Grande – Photo: Instagram/@frankiejgrande

The teens reportedly punched Frankie in the head and made off with his bag. Hours later, police arrested a 17-year-old and 13-year-old who attempted to use one of his credit cards at a nearby store.

Cops reportedly booked the duo on charges of assault, robbery, grand larceny and more.

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The attack on Frankie comes only five months after a stalker broke into Ariana’s home on her birthday in June, though she was not home at the time.

In September 2021, the same individual was arrested after turning up at Ariana’s house with a hunting knife and allegedly making death threats, which prompted a restraining order.