Brian Tyree Henry and Brad Pitt didn’t strike up a friendship in the most conventional way.

Henry chats to ET Canada while promoting his new flick “Causeway”, in which he stars alongside Jennifer Lawrence.

Lawrence stars as a war vet who returns home to New Orleans after suffering a horrible injury in Afghanistan, but has a tough time adjusting to civilian life until she befriends an auto mechanic played by Henry.

When asked when the last time he developed an unlikely friendship or bond with a co-star was, Henry replies: “It’s been happening on every project, actually. It’s always so bizarre. Most of my co-stars I’m still in contact with.”

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The “Atlanta” actor adds of his “Bullet Train” co-star Brad Pitt, “Brad and I developed such a great friendship by just punching each other in the face, you know what I’m saying?

“You just never think that that’s something that’s going to happen. But, you know, it did.”

Henry also struck up a close friendship with Lawrence, especially during the pandemic.

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He reveals how the pair realized they were neighbours, so ended up meeting up regularly to chat about the film and their characters, while socially distancing.

Henry says of “Causeway”: “What I’m really grateful the most for about ‘Causeway’ is that it gave me the opportunity to meet Jennifer and get to know her and also to collaborate and build something as special as this.”