A member of the audience nearly derailed a Harry Styles concert — by throwing candy.

While performing at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles in Monday night, part of his 15-night Love on Tour residency at the venue, Styles was hit in the eye with an object hurled from the audience.

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In video taken by concertgoers and shared on social media, Styles can be seen recoiling on impact, with his head snapping back and his hand immediately rising to his eye; like the pro he is, however, Styles brushed it off and continued waving to the crowed.


According to Entertainment Weekly, the object that hit Styles in the eye was apparently a piece of Skittles candy, as reported by members of the audience.

This was was confirmed by Pauli the PSM, a member of Styles’ backing band, who spoke with fans during an Instagram Live session after the show.

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While revealing that Styles’ eye wasn’t injured, he added, “but do me a favour — don’t throw no more Skittles on stage.”