Prince William is being taken to task over his loyalty in soccer.

With the World Cup taking place this weekend, the public is keeping a close eye on the royal who is the President of the Football Association as well as an avid supporter of the English team.

With Wales qualifying for the first time since 1958, however, the Prince of Wales is split on his allegiance.

Actor Michael Sheen called out the royal when he wished the English team good luck as they headed to Qatar for the tournament.

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The Welsh actor wrote in a quote-retweet of the video, “He can, of course, support whoever he likes and as Pres of FA his role makes visit understandable — but surely he sees holding the title Prince of Wales at same time is entirely inappropriate? Not a shred of embarrassment? Or sensitivity to the problem here?”

Hoping to clear up the confusion over his support, Prince William clarified he was hoping to root for both teams during his visit to the Welsh capital of Cardiff on Wednesday.

“I support both. I support England more in the football but Wales in the rugby. When I was growing up, Wales didn’t get through to the tournaments. Getting to the World Cup is a big deal, and I’ll be supporting Wales through the process,” said the royal, via Wales Online reporter Will Hayward.

His determination will be tested when England faces off against Wales in their match on Nov. 29.

When questioned about the upcoming match by Llywydd (presiding officer) Elin Jones, he held fast to his previous statement.

“I’m telling everyone I’m supporting both, definitely. I can’t lose. I’ve supported England since I’ve been quite small. But I support Welsh rugby, and that’s my way of doing it,” he answered. I happily support Wales over England in the rugby, so I’ve got to be able to play carefully with my affiliations. I worry otherwise if I suddenly drop England to support Wales then that doesn’t look right for the sport either. So I can’t do that.”

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“An England vs. Wales World Cup final would be the best, that would be pretty good,” he added. “I’m making sure I’m out there supporting Wales through all the process because I know it’s a big deal for Wales. When I was growing up, Wales weren’t getting through to the tournaments, so I had to make a choice. But we will have the rugby world cup in France next year, that will be a big deal.”

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will take place from Nov. 20 – Dec. 18 with 32 teams competing across 64 matches.