Seth Rogen is convinced he could pull off every Jeff Goldblum scene in “Jurassic Park” except for one.

Rogen catches up with ET Canada to discuss his role in Steven Spielberg’s new movie “The Fabelmans”. When asked which classic Spielberg movie he wishes he could have participated in, Rogen names an all-time classic.

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“That’s a tough one. That’s a good one. Maybe ‘Jurassic Park’. Maybe I could do the Jeff Goldblum role in ‘Jurassic Park’. I could do that okay, I think,” Rogen tells ET Canada. “There’s that one shot where he’s very, like, sexily reclined. I could not do that shot in the same way he did, but the rest of the movie I could do.”

“The Fabelmans” is loosely based on Spielberg’s life and family. The Canadian actor admits it was a scary proposition being trusted with a role in a project so personal to the famed director.

“It was both scary and exciting,” Rogen says. “I think there’s a lot of pressure, but it also felt very special and knowing that it meant so much to him and it was so personal to him. And he felt kind of like that he was taking a real risk by making the film and was kind of reliving a lot of memories and kind of digging up a lot of things that had seemed to have been buried for quite some time.

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“So it felt very special and I felt very lucky to be a part of it because it’s a very unique experience to get to not only get to work with like one of your favorite filmmakers, who’s also one of the greatest filmmakers, but on then something that’s deeply personal to them.”

Rogen stars alongside Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Julia Butters and Gabriel LaBelle in “The Fabelmans”. The movie debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on Sept. 10 to fantastic reviews prior to its Nov. 11 theatrical release.