Leslie Grossman has been playing Barbara Reed in the latest season of “American Horror Story”, and fans watched the character meet her end when she was choked to death while taking a shower, naked.

Or so it seemed. As Grossman revealed in an interview with E! News, she wasn’t actually as naked as she appeared to be — thanks to a little assist from Kim Kardashian.

“I wore a full SKIMS bodysuit, so I was thoroughly covered,” said Grossman of Kardashian’s shapewear line.

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“I got to tell you, I am the biggest fan of SKIMS,” Grossman added. “She knows what she is doing. They’re incredible.”

That wasn’t the only help she received in the scene, in which she also received the assistance of an intimacy coordinator, something she didn’t exactly understand at first. 

“It’s funny because at first I was like, ‘I’m not even doing a sex scene with anyone, why do we need someone here?'” she said. “It ended up being fantastic. The reason the intimacy coordinator is so great is they kind of give you choreography. Something that could be a little awkward, they can say, ‘Move your left shoulder like this, it looks really good on camera.’ It was just great.”

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Having appeared in several seasons of “American Horror Story”, Grossman admitted that simulating brutal homicides in the FX horror hit has come to seem like just another day at the office.

“This is the weirdest way to earn a living,” she joked.

“Like, what am I doing? I’m on a soundstage in a fake shower with 200 people,” she added. “The camera guy’s right here. I’m sitting in my SKIMS bodysuit in between takes and I’m like, ‘How are your kids? What you did this weekend?'”