Jana Kramer is setting the record straight.

Earlier this week on her “Whine Down” podcast, the “One Tree Hill” star revealed that she had a brief relationship with Chris Evans, but some fans got the wrong idea about things.

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“He wasn’t Captain America yet, but he was a heartthrob cutie,” said on the podcast. “I can’t remember how many dates it was, I just remember the last date. To this day I’m actually sort of mortified… This is so embarrassing.”

She went on to detail the last date she had with Evans.

“It was a fun time… but I was getting a little sleepy. And so I was like, ‘Hey I’m gonna go to bed’ or whatever. And so I had asparagus for dinner that night so I went to the bathroom and he immediately went after me,” Kramer said.

“And so that’s the last interaction that I remember is him going into the bathroom after I just went to the bathroom with asparagus pee and never hearing from him again,” she laughed.

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But some listeners took her statement that it was their last interaction as meaning that Evans simply ghosted her.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Kramer explained that wasn’t the case at all.

“First of all, he didn’t ghost me. We just stopped talking,” she said in the new video. “And it wasn’t because of that. Like, I was just saying an embarrassing moment.”

Kramer added, “Can we all just like, laugh at ourselves? It’s so silly.”