There’s a reason Ashley Tisdale and Austin Butler are so close.

The pair, who starred in 2009’s “Aliens in the Attic” and 2011’s “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure” together, are actually 10th cousins once removed, Tisdale found out.

The actress appeared on the latest episode of Ancestry’s “2 Lies & A Leaf” series alongside her sister Jennifer.

She was asked to pick which co-star she was related to; Zac Efron, Butler, or Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

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Tisdale correctly chose Butler, while her sister thought it might be the Sprouse twins.

The “High School Musical” star shared, “Austin and I always say that we’re like fraternal twins born very far apart because he’s much younger and we’ve always had that connection.”

After being told she was right, Tisdale screamed, “Oh my God!”

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She added, “No wonder we have such a connection! We’ve always said we were brother and sister! That is insane. I literally am going to cry.”

Calling Butler her “best, best friend,” Tisdale gushed, “I’m telling you when we first met, I was like ‘Oh, my God.’ We were like brother and sister from the minute we met.”

Tisdale later revealed that she’d text the “Elvis” star, before sharing that he’d just text back.

She laughed, “He goes, ‘No f**king way.'”

See more in the clip above.