The home featured in 1983’s “A Christmas Story” could wind up as part of a real-time fairy tale.

The iconic Cleveland house was put up for sale this week, according to TMZ, and members of the original cast are interested in purchasing the home. Yano Anaya reportedly told the publication “it only makes sense to have the cast run the show.”

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Anaya and other undisclosed co-stars want to keep the home and film’s legacy intact and are concerned with what may happen if another buyer acquires the home.

The home was purchased by its current owner in 2004, according to list agent Chad Whitmer. It was refurbished and turned into a designated landmark in Demark along with adjacent properties that were purchased and turned into a museum, gift shop, parking lots and “The Bumpus House”.

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The news could come at no more appropriate time. A sequel to the 1983 movie titled “A Christmas Story Christmas” premiered Thursday on HBO Max.