Being behind bars didn’t stop Martha Stewart from keeping holiday traditions alive.

Appearing Thursday on “The Tonight Show”, the 81-year-old lifestyle icon shared how going to prison led to her now-iconic nativity scenes.

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“Well, I was at this very lovely federal camp down in Alderson, West Virginia,” she explained. “They had a ceramics class. And I chose to spend my evenings making ceramics.”

Laughing at her use of the phrase “federal camp,” Fallon clarified, “Prison.”

“You can think of other ways to say it, you know, you don’t have to say the ‘P’ word!” Stewart joked in response.

She went on to explain that while in the ceramics class she found “something like 15 pieces” of molds to use to make a nativity scene for Christmas.

The only problem was that the prison’s rules stated, “You’re allowed to make three things.”

“I persuaded the warden that 15 pieces was one thing,” Stewart said.

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She and Fallon displayed the ceramic nativity scene for the audience, and Stewart pointed out a unique detail on the items.

“Look in the bottom,” she said. “That’s my [prison] number!”

Stewart served a sentence from 2004 to 2005 after being convicted on federal charges related to insider trading.