The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are thankful for Elton John.

On Sunday night, the legendary rock star played the final concert on his long farewell tour at Dodger Stadium in L.A., which streamed for fans on Disney+.

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Just before the stream started, though, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle popped up in a video message to John on the occasion.

“We just wanted to say congratulations,” Markle said. “And that we are just so proud of you. We’re so grateful that we were able to see you on your farewell tour also.”

“Thank you for entertaining everybody for so many decades,” Harry said, before adding on a more personal note, “Thank you for being the friend that you were to my mum. Thank you for being our friend, thank you for being a friend to our kids.”

He added, “Thank you for entertaining people right around the world. Even though this is officially your retirement, this will not be your last gig, we know that. But we love you, and congratulations on an incredible career.”

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John was well known to have had a strong friendship with Princess Diana, and he remained close with her children after her death in 1997.

The musician announced that he would be retiring from touring back in 2018, revealing plans for an extended farewell tour across the globe. The tour was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but he got back on the road earlier this year to see it through to the end.

Despite ending his touring career, it has been confirmed that John intends to continue performing one-off concerts.