Keke Palmer speaks openly about her sexual preferences in the latest episode of her “Baby, this is Keke Palmer” podcast episode.

The actress’ latest ep is titled “Has Porn Ruined Sex?” and features sex therapist Dr. Kate Balestri.

Palmer ends up revealing the advice that she took from Whoopi Goldberg while talking about her sex life.

She shares in a discussion about women being “given permission to enjoy sex for themselves,” “My identity with sex – it was always based upon, ‘Oh, I just gotta do this service.’ And my enjoyment, any enjoyment that I had at that era, in that point, in that time, came from, ‘I’m glad they’re happy.'”

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Palmer goes on, “Then it became… then that was like, depressing and not enough because well I realized, like, ‘well, wait a damn minute… this isn’t,’ you know what I’m saying?

“So, it’s been a, it was a journey of trying to figure out what works for me. And I remember, I’ll never forget, I was on ‘The View’ one time, and they were having a conversation about sex, a really great conversation, and Whoopi Goldberg said, ‘please just – start with pleasing yourself.’ And I was like, ‘that rings true.’”

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Elsewhere in the episode, Palmer also talks about never having a “happy ending” from sex that resembles porn.

She tells fans, “There was one time in my life where I thought porn simulation sex, because that’s what it sounds like to me, porn simulated-esque sex, was something that could be interesting or fun, but I ever actually had a happy ending from it, if I’m being, you know, lightly frank.

“I’ve only ever had an actual happy ending from a more demure, a calmer, a more emotional approach,” admitting she’s questioned whether that’s just her personality or whether she would have to become more open to it.