Jason Momoa’s new movie is already tugging at Twitter’s heartstrings.

The actor stars in Netflix’s new family adventure “Slumberland” alongside Marlow Barkley as her loveable wise-cracking companion as she adventures through the titular dreamworld.

The film is a fantasy adventure for all ages, but along with the laughs are heartbreaking moments that are bringing fans to tears on social media.

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One fan praised the film for the emotional connection as well as the hearkening to everyone’s inner child, writing, “It tugs at the child in you. It tugs at forever dreamer in you .It tugs the parts of you that you let die out of sadness and abandonment. It tugs at the parts of you needing to be found”.

Other fans could only express their reaction in tears, but were also quick to offer high praise for the film.

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“Slumberland” was released in theatres on Nov. 11 and hit Netflix on Nov. 18.