Honesty might be the best policy in Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard‘s family, but there are downsides. The 42-year-old “Good Place” star appeared on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” where she opened up about her and Shepard’s parenting style.

The couple are parents to 9-year-old daughter Lincoln and 7-year-old daughter Delta, and Bell noted that Shepard is “very honest” with their kids “about everything.”

“It backfired a couple weeks ago because my mom came in town, who is more conservative than I am,” Bell explained, noting a story she’s previously told about wanting to try hallucinogenic mushrooms for her 40th birthday.

“We told our kids about it,” Bell said of the mushroom trip. “Then I overheard my daughter taking to my mom, to grandma, going, ‘I’m actually really glad they share all this stuff with me, so anyway so Mom really wanted to try mushrooms, so…’ And I just walked by and I was like, ‘Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh,’ for some reason I’m more worried about telling my mom that than telling my daughter.”

She added that her kids “fully know” what kind of mushrooms she was talking about.

“Their dad is in recovery, so he’s really honest about what alcohol does to your body, how it makes you feel funny and impairs things,” she said. “What drugs do your body and why most drugs are illegal and all that.”