A whole new “Bachelor” journey is about to begin. With Zach Shallcross looking for love and a whole new slate of women vying for his affections, season 27 is about to bring on some serious drama.

In this first supertease for Shallcross’ forthcoming season, it’s clear how much the women are infatuated with the handsome star from the start.

“Zach is the most genuine, most emotionally intelligent, sweet soul,” one suitress declares. “All of us want a guy like that.”

From romantic, make-out-filled dates in Europe to PDA-packed dinners inside the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, next to some dinosaur skeletons, to make-out sessions during helicopter rides, this season promises lots of kissing in a slew of unexpected, unique settings.

Oh, and just a ton of crying, broken hearts, emotional confusion and jealousy.

“We all want Zach, so the claws are going to come out,” one woman explains over a shot of Shallcross apparently making out with a contestant in front of several others in a hot tub.

“It’s so hard to watch other girls with him,” a woman says through tears. “I’m scared he’s going to forget him and I.”

The season looks like it also gets to Shallcross, who is seen in several tearful moments sharing his frustration and disappointment.

“This is f**king hard. I feel like a failure. I feel like I let myself down. I feel like I let the women down,” he says in one scene before he’s brought to tears in a different scene after sending a contestant home following a rose ceremony.

“I don’t even know what happened,” Shallcross says in shock. “I saw something with her. I was not expecting that. F**k.”

Fans will get a chance to see Shallcross’ romance journey when Season 27 of “The Bachelor” premieres Monday, Jan. 23, on ABC.


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