Fans of the legendary Marilyn Monroe can own a piece of Hollywood history thanks to a new auction selling off more than 175 of the late star’s personal belongings.

As People reports, the items will be available at Julien’s Auctions and TCM Present: Icons & Idols Hollywood, set to take place next month both in person and online.

Perhaps the rarest item up for grabs is a handwritten note from Charles Stanley Gifford, who was recently proven via DNA testing to be the late star’s biological father.

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“This card is the only known material artifact that establishes any connection or communication between Gifford and his famous daughter,” reads a press release obtained by People, which also indicates that Gifford hand-delivered the card to Monroe while she was hospitalized.

“I discovered the card purely by chance while I was preparing Marilyn’s personal archives for auction at Julien’s Auctions,” said Scott Fortner, Marilyn Monroe historian/collector and co-host of the “All Things Marilyn” podcast. “This is the only known documented evidence of a relationship between Monroe and Gifford, which solves the mystery of whether or not she knew or had contact with her biological father.”

Julien’s estimates the card will sell for between $2,000 and $3,000.

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“Dear Marylyn,” begins Gifford’s message (Monroe’s name is spelled incorrectly), with the pre-written sentiment reading, “This cheery little get-well note comes specially to say that lots of thoughts and wishes, too, are with you every day.”

Gifford then added his own words — “a little prayer too” — and signed, “Stanley Gifford, Red Rock Dairy Farm, Hemet, Calif.”

Other items in the collection include lipstick tubes, false eyelashes, eye shadows and other makeup items that belonged to Monroe, in addition to several of her dresses, photos, correspondence, her chequebook, her Screen Actors Guild membership card and more.

Julien’s Auctions and TCM Present: Icons & Idols Hollywood will be held live on Dec. 17 and 18, starting at 10 a.m. PT, in person at the auction house’s Beverly Hills location and online at