Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker value quality family time.

On Thursday’s season finale of “The Kardashians”, viewers get a glimpse of the couple working towards making memories for their blended family, which consists of Kardashian’s kids- Reign, 7, Penelope, 10, and Mason, 12- and Barker’s kids- daughter Alabama, 16, son Landon, 19, and stepdaughter Atiana De La Hoya, 19.

In one scene, the couple and their children- with the exception of Mason, whom Kardashian notes “had friends over and wouldn’t come to dinner”- gather around the table for a family dinner at Kardashian’s home.

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“Our family’s expanding and growing and we have so much to be thankful for,” the reality star says in a confessional alongside clips of everyone at the table.

“I love the idea of a blended family. I think that the more kids, the merrier,” Kardashian continues. “You have all these siblings and more people to love. It’s a beautiful thing.”

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The Lemme founder then notices everyone on their phone and vocalizes a “no technology rule,” to which Barker tells his kids: “When the food gets here though, you guys got to put down your phones.”

Kardashian and Atiana then suggest everyone stack their phone in the centre of the table. Barker appears to be a fan of the idea as he’s heard telling his wife: “Babe, I’m gonna make this rule at every dinner I have with you.”

“I just want to say I love you and I appreciate you guys and I miss you guys every day,” the drummer’s son, Landon, says as the food is being served.

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Kardashian continues her confessional by complimenting how “passionate” her hubby is about life, adding that he’s a “really amazing father.”

“I love that because we’ve all known each other for 10 years and all of the kids have had so many memories with each other,” she says. “It just feels so good to continue to have the best time together….I just think it’s about two families joining together in this true love fairytale.”