Nickelback owns a particularly unique space in the annals of rock, on one hand selling more than 50 million albums to become the 11th best-selling band in history, while on the other being relentlessly trashed by haters.

Appearing on Barstool Sports’ “KFC Radio” podcast, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake and Daniel Adair weighed in on where that animosity toward the band first originated, claiming to have pinpointed what they believe to be ground zero for Nickelback hate.

“There were these milestones that started this snowball rolling… Some comedian — I’m gonna have to go find the guy’s name so I can go bomb his house — makes this s**ty crack about us,” Kroeger explained. “And he’s on Comedy Central. They took that, they put it in a commercial for that one show.”

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Kroeger is referring to comedian Brian Posehn, who took at shot at Nickelback while appearing on Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn” back in the early 2000s.

“No one talks about the studies which show that bad music makes people violent,” Posehn joked. “Like, Nickelback makes me wanna kill Nickelback. They’re horrible, just trust me.”

On its own, Posehn’s joke wouldn’t have made much of a ripple. As it turned out, that joke wound up being part of a promo for the show that Comedy Central ran repeatedly.

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“And that played on Comedy Central for six months straight, this Nickelback joke,” Kroeger continued. “That starts this whole thing going. That’s where it really started, at that one moment. And then it started making its way into movies and we get all this stuff.”

Kroeger’s comments can be seen just after the 11-minute mark in the video above.