Kate Hudson just revealed a simple trick to maintaining a youthful appearance.

The actress, 43, filmed a “guide to wellness & ‘wakeup’ makeup” for Vogue, sharing of her beauty regime: “I’ve always had some kind of routine, and I enjoy it more now that I’m older.

“I’m not religious about it which I know a lot of people would be like ‘You have to take your makeup off every night’ and I’m not gonna lie, I have nights I don’t do that.”

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She went on, while doing her skincare routine on camera, “I think because I love products so much, that keeps me playing with my skincare routine and I change it all the time.

“So, like, what I’m using today will not be what I use next week. I do like to do eye masks under a full mask… before I put on makeup.

“Everyone always asks me like ‘Skincare, skincare, what do you do?'” Hudson continued, adding: “Three things. Sleep, hydration, supplement.”

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The “Bride Wars” star went on, “I created a supplement with InBloom called Beauty Aura and I take this every day. For me, skin, fine lines, hair, nails, this is my dream product,” showing the camera.

She also said that meditation was probably “the most important self-care” that she does in a day.

Hudson shared, giving a shout-out to her mom Goldie Hawn, “I know it sounds silly but when you have your mask on is actually a good time to do it.

“I can thank my mom for her love of meditation because she’s been doing all that since the ’70s!” she added, regarding working on her mental health.

See more from Hudson’s skincare regime in the clip above.