Jodie Sweetin still has hope for another “Full House” reboot.

It appears the actress doesn’t want to say goodbye to her classic TV character, Stephanie Tanner, just yet as she recently shared an idea for a “Fuller House” reboot, despite the beloved comedy only having ended two years ago.

The 2016 sequel series saw Sweetin and her fellow co-stars from the original sitcom “Full House”, which ran from 1987 to 1995, reunite for the reboot where she reprised her role as the Tanner Family’s middle daughter.

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“I still think the ‘Golden Girls’ version of ‘Fullest House’ could happen,” the actress told E! News“I could see myself in a muumuu on a lanai in Miami. I feel that already. I already try and channel Bea Arthur as much as I can,” she said referring to the late actress who portrayed Dorothy Zbornak on the beloved sitcom “The Golden Girls”.

“Who knows what can happen, I’m not opposed to it,” she continued. “If you would have asked us 20 some years ago if we would do a reboot of ‘Full House’ we would have been like, ‘No, probably not.’ So give it another 20 years, we’ll see what happens.”

Sweetin went on to share that her late cast member, Bob Saget, who passed away earlier this year, was the one who kept their “Full House” co-stars in touch.

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“He was the one making phone calls so now we have to continue on without him,” she said of her former on-screen dad. “We do see each other. We get together for barbecues and dinner when we’re not working.”

While the “Merry & Bright” star would love to play Stephanie again, her former cast-mate John Stamos, who played her uncle, Jesse, is seemingly uninterested in a future on-screen reunion.

“It’s just not the same without him,” the actor said of Saget while speaking to E! News last month. “There’s something missing, there’s a piece missing.

“We’re doing a lot of tributes. I did that Netflix tribute [“June’s Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute”], which was beautiful, I thought. Every chance I get, I talk about him,” he continued. “If we’re real quiet, we could hear him complaining right now that I don’t talk about him enough. We’ll continue to do tributes to him, but I don’t know about a ‘Full House’ one, though.”

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Nonetheless, Stamos did share how Saget used to joke that “‘Fullest House’ would be the family and me in an urn on the fireplace.”

“Fuller House”, which ran for five seasons, concluding in 2020, saw the entire original cast- minus twins, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who portrayed the youngest Tanner sister, Michelle- reprise their roles including Candace Cameron Bure as Sweetin’s older on-screen sister, D.J. Tanner; Saget as Danny Tanner; Stamos as Uncle Jesse; Lori Loughlin as Rebecca, aunt “Becky”; and Dave Coulier as Danny’s best friend Joey.