Three celebrity icons of the ’00s in one photo.

In a tweet on Monday, Paris Hilton shared a her memory of what she calls the “Holy Trinity” of herself, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

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“16 years ago this happened and the ‘Holy Trinity’ was born,” she tweeted, along with a photo of them in a car together.

Hilton previously shared the story of how the photo came to be in an episode of her podcast “This Is Paris” last year.

“That was a night that Britney and I went out, and we were at the Beverly Hills Hotel, at our friend’s party, and we decided to leave to go home,” she said. “We were walking to the car and all of as suddenly got swarmed by a tons of paparazzi.”

She explained, “Just as we got to the car, that’s when Lindsay came up. It was kind of awkward because we were having some drama.”

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Hilton also recalled that as the photo was being snapped, photographers were asking her about a rumour that she had spilled a drink on Lohan.

“Lindsay said, ‘No, Paris would never hit me, I’ve known her since I was 15,'” she said. “It was basically just, not admitting what she did. It was quite awkward to be asked that question, and it was just weird how that whole thing happened. All of a sudden, I look over, and she’s in my car. We weren’t getting along, but I was polite.”

Over the years, there have been feuds between Hilton and Lohan, but speaking with E! News in May, Hilton said of her old friend, “We’ve DM’d a couple of times. And she’s doing great.”