Meghan Markle revealed her love of “Real Housewives” as she welcomed TV producer Andy Cohen to the latest episode of her “Archetypes” podcast.

Markle explained how she used to be a fan of the show but stopped watching it once her life became dramatic enough.

The former “Suits” star also told Cohen how she desperately wanted to be a guest on his talk show “Watch What Happens Live” but didn’t used to be famous enough.

She laughed, “I was so eager to be on your show because I was such a ‘Housewives’ fan at the time and I just couldn’t get booked Andy,” before he said the team had started to put two and two together and later realize who she was.

Cohen asked during the chat, “I guess the million dollar question is, do you still watch the ‘Housewives’? This is what we’ve been dying to know.”

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Markle responded: “Well, I will tell you the truth. I stopped watching the ‘Housewives’ when my life had its own level of drama.

“That I stopped craving…” before Cohen finished her sentence by suggesting: “Other people’s.”

Markle, who married Prince Harry in May 2018, continued: “I get why it was such a huge, huge part of pop culture and when it began because you began with Orange County and I’m from California.

“At least it felt remotely like a world that I knew but still felt so foreign,” she admitted, insisting she wouldn’t appear on the reality TV show herself.

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At the start of their chat, Markle admitted she’d met Cohen twice before despite him clearly forgetting after he said “nice to meet you.”

She told the surprised host, “I met you before. You’ll never remember it.

“I met you twice. The first one ‘Suits’ wasn’t even on yet,” recalling the event, insisting “I was such a huge fan.”

Markle then said, “And then when we had maybe season two or three, we were in New York.”

Markle also interviewed Trevor Noah and Judd Apatow on the season finale of her much-talked about podcast.