Spotify Wrapped unveiled its 2022 results, revealing the most-streamed artists both here in Canada and internationally.

In addition, individual Spotify users who logged onto the streaming site received their own personal Wrapped 2022 results, that annual feature that provides users with a rundown of their listening habits, including favourite songs, artists, genres and more.

Some Spotify users even learned how their own personal listening habits compared to those of others, determining whether they were in the top 3 per cent, 1 per cent or even .05 percent of listeners of their favourite artists.

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For fans of Taylor Swift who landed in the upper echelons of Spotify listeners, this proved to be something of a double-edged sword — particularly for the many who weren’t able to get tickets to her upcoming concert tour.

As a result, Swifties have been taking to Twitter to express themselves, so much so that “1% of Taylor Swift” began trending on Twitter.

Check out a sampling of those trending tweets: