Jessie Reyez is thankful for the collaboration of a lifetime.

The Canadian musician is one of the featured artists on Sam Smith’s upcoming album Gloria, on the track “Perfect”. It’s an experience she felt “lucky” to have as a big fan of the singer.

“Well, we connected a long time ago through Calvin Harris. I know Calvin. Right. And you know, when there’s chemistry, once there’s chemistry always,” Reyez recalled to ET Canada’s Sangita Patel. “So it was just really nice to be able to reconnect with them and and vibe and write. And I’m just really lucky to work with people that I’m legitimately a fan of.”

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As for how the experience went, the 31-year-old called Smith’s vocal talent “nuts.”

“Like, their voice is nuts, their voice is crazy. And to be able to sit in a room and hear it without… because obviously, like engineers are great, thank God for great engineers that can adjust and nudge and fix a little bit of this, a little bit of that,” she explained. “But for someone to be able to make the room fill up with resonance, not everybody can do that and Sam can do that.”

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She added, “And I just love being able to be there and hear some of these songs in their rawest form and feel so moved without any of the additional things. You know, just a cappella in the room because everything else is in headphones. It was really, really nice.”

Gloria comes out on Jan. 27.