Married life great for Catherine Zeta-Jones.

On Monday night, the actress stepped out on the red carpet with her 22-year-old sing Dylan for the premiere of her new series “National Treasure: Edge of History”.

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“I enjoy every minute with this guy. Well, he’s a good son. It’s just the best,” she told People of attending the event with her son.

As for her marriage to Michael Douglas, Zeta-Jones said, “I mean, each year gets better and better and with such good friends, I think, in our family, which is great.”

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The actress also talked about her role in the new series, based on the “National Treasure” film franchise, including doing her own stunts.

“Certain stunts in movies and stuff, you have to do,” she said. “Unless you’re Tom Cruise and you really want to fly out of a plane.”

She added, “I’m not Tom and I admire him for all he does. But for me, it’s a wonderful career. Those stunt people are wonderful.”