Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, unsurprisingly, faced a lot of questions as they posed on the red carpet ahead of Tuesday’s Ripple of Hope Gala in New York City.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex sparked an online frenzy after releasing the second trailer for their tell-all Netflix documentary earlier this week.

So, naturally all the questions fired at Harry were about his family’s reaction to the doc and whether he was “putting money” before them.

The Duke, who managed to shrug off the attention, was caught on camera saying “so many questions” before being escorted inside alongside Meghan, the Daily Mail reported.

The first three episodes of “Harry & Meghan” are set to launch on Netflix on Dec. 8, before the second set of three will follow on Dec. 15.

In the recently-released clip, Harry calls the media attention surrounding Meghan a “dirty game,” as well as saying that he “was terrified” that history would “repeat itself” following his mother Princess Diana’s tragic death in August 1997.

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Harry tells the camera, “No one knows the full truth – we know the full truth.”

Numerous people have since criticized the pair, with Diana’s ex-butler, Paul Burrell, even saying that they had crossed a line.

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He appeared on Talk TV, saying as Piers Morgan questioned what King Charles III should do now: “They don’t want to be members of the royal family, so why should they trade on royal titles?” insisting their titles should be taken away.

Burrell, who called Harry and Meghan’s actions “self-obsessed narcissism,” also said, “Diana would not have applauded what Harry is doing now. The commercialism around it, she never took a cent, never took a penny,” despite thinking she’d agree with him wanting to protect his family.